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4 NEW FILAMENT BULBs PER KIT NEED TO REPAIR YOUR MR.CHRISTMAS 1990'S APROX DATE CODE LIGHTED MUSICAL LATERNS . OUR COMPANY HAS PUT TOGETHER A VERY GOOD HIGH QUAILTY REPLACEMENT E5 APROX 4 TO 6 VOLT WITH SELECTED WATTAGE AND CURRENT FOR THIS UNIT ONLY. The old flame tip bulbs are no longer available for this unit. Note: If one bulb goes out the other will too as the lanters are wired in pairs. TIP: For proper operation you must remove both pairs of old bulbs and install new pair or unit will not operate properly .

Please do not think these will work for other Mr. Christmas lighted units because they are same size bulbs. The circuitry in each unit is different and so the voltage, wattage, current ratings are selected for proper operation.

Mr. Christmas Lighted Musical Laterns


    Free shipping on all orders over $40.00, Except commercial component sales.

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