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( note: Ski Slope is Not For Sale With motor or belt kits.)( The brass pulley on your unit will have to be removed off old motor and reinstalled on new motor.)

----NEED TO REPAIR YOUR: Department 56 Village Animated Ski Slope (UPC:734409126503) - OUR COMPANY HAS PUT TOGETHER A MOTOR REPLACEMENT REPAIR KIT. KIT INCLUDES 1-COMPATIBLE MOTOR ,1-DISC .1UF 50VOLT CAPACITOR , 1-Super Lube 82340 Multi Purpose Synthetic Grease-(1 ml squeeze-packs) .WE CARRY BELTS AT CHECK OUT.

Department 56 Village Animated Ski Slope -REPLACEMENT PART - MOTOR KIT/ADD BELT

SKU: 182348818822

    Free shipping on all orders over $40.00, Except commercial component sales.

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