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(P-6 12VAC OR P6/110/120V)  NEED TO REPAIR YOUR,DEPARTMENT 56- EBENEZER SCROOGE'S HOUSE- MODEL# 56.58490.  ( Note: Dept 56 had 2 versions of this unit. (RIGHT HANDED THREADS AND LEFT HANDED THREAD (L THREADS). WE ONLY SELL12v ac IN THE LEFT HANDED THREAD SO CHECK YOUR UNIT BEFORE ORDERING. We do Have 110/120Volt Motor  in left and right handed -COMPATIBLE AC MOTOR SPEC,Synchronous Motor  5-6 RPM, CCW, 4 WATT,50/60 HZ, Torque,   



 Spade crimp terminal with sleeve  16. AWG wire red and black. 

 For our synchronous motors, If you do not like to solder and want an alternative way to attach wires to motor.

DEPT 56 Ebenezer Scrooge's house-model:56.58490- REPLACEMENT MOTOR 12VOR120V AC


    Free shipping on all orders over $40.00, Except commercial component sales.

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