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Note: Unit in picture not for sale .

Our company has not been able to match the globe bulb glass and its characteristics so you will have to replace the set of 4 in circuit to work as you can not mix old bulbs with new.

Replaces Enesco Globe  E5 bulb used to sell years ago for carousel

  Bulb has been selected for proper voltage and current rating . ( "The bulbs in this carousel work in series of 4 sets per section which equal 16 bulbs (4 sets total to replace all old bulbs  and use very low bulb rated voltage.

 Kit Includes :  Set of 4 E5 base with 2.5volt  bulb with selected wattage to work with unit.

Warning these bulbs will not work with any other units except this Enesco Carousel. and will not work by changing just one in a set.

Enesco "Musical Carousel Royale ' E5 2.5v Bulb.

SKU: 185114443188

    Free shipping on all orders over $40.00, Except commercial component sales.

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