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  • Animated Sea-Saw
  • Animated Bear With Drum
  • Animated Elephant(P14) Need to replace the "MOTOR" in your favorite animated xmas outdoor display you purchased from HomeDepot, Sears, Kmart.Note: Kit includes motor only with no hardware, If you need the "U Shaped" screw driver we sell them under tools.
  • Animated Bear With Ball
  • Animated Seal With Ball
  • Animated Rocking Horse
  • Animated Crystal Santa
  • Animated Mailbox Bear
  • Holographic Santa In Chimney
  • Sears/Kmart (2010-Present) Animated Deer And Many More...

There were many units made with this motor casing. If you have this motor casing this replacement motor will work!!!!!

(P14) HomeDepot,Sears, Kmart outdoor replacement motor 183295587460

SKU: P14

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