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(Note This  belt powers the gear box off the motor,  ) NEED TO REPAIR YOUR- MR Christmas World's fair Roller Coaster "Cyclone "- SMALL NONE TOOTHED--PULLEY BELT "IS YOUR DRIVE BELT WORN OUT???" - OUR COMPANY HAS PUT TOGETHER A VERY GOOD HIGH QUAILTY, REPLACEMENT SQUARE DRIVE BELT .---- . PLEASE CHECK ALL THE PICTURES FOR MORE INFORMATION. NOTE: WE ARE WORKING ON OTHER REPLACMENT PARTS FOR OTHER MODELS FOR MR. CHRISTMAS, LEMAX AND DEPARTMENT 56 ANIMATED UNITS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALSO HAVE FOR SALE  MOTOR REPAIR KIT.""""we have had a lot of customer email us on the larger  ,coaster 36inch double tooth belt that runs the coaster cars . WILL BE FOR SALE AUG / 2018

Mr Christmas World's fair Grand Roller Coaster Cyclone- PART - non toothed PUL

SKU: 183403833898n

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